Covid-19 update, January ’23

Do I need to wear a mask to the studio?
When visiting we ask that you wear your mask into the store and studio but once inside our studio you may remove your mask. I will be wearing a mask to protect you.

How many people can fit into the studio?
For large groups we still recommend an outside photo session or breaking into smaller nodes for in studio sessions that we edit can together for printing.

Can we do our photos outside?
If you would prefer an outside portrait we can choose your location or a suggested spot to meet. Outside portraits have an added benefit of showcasing your property or a loved spot. I can even travel to your cottage if you would like that. In the case of bad weather we can simply reschedule or can to an indoor location if possible.

What props do you have for children?
Props for children were removed for the duration of Covid 19 to protect your children and are still in storage. I encourage you to bring along their favorite toys to include in your photo session and add that personal touch.

Can I view my photos right away?
You are welcome to sit down right after your photo session to view what we have taken to make a selection for you photos, but you will most likely want to have a second look, so we set up an online gallery that you can visit from home and take your time to select your final photos. This online page is a private page that only you have access to but yuo may share this gallery with friends and family if you want by just sending them the link.