It’s time for photos for the 2020 grads

It’s grad photo season again and we have been kept busy these last few weeks doing photos for the graduating class of 2020. At Polar we have gowns, collars and hats for most of the local schools so it doesn’t matter which school you attend, we have you covered. So if you have not done your graduation photos yet or you don’t like the ones that were taken at school, give me a call and we can set up a time for you. Remember that included in our grad photo session you can take a casual portrait that you can use for your resume or give as a special gift to Mom and who deserves a special gift more than Mom. Many of our students take advantage of this casual photo to bring something that represents their time in high school in to the studio. We can work many items into a special portrait, just check out our gallery of past work to see if they give you any ideas. Give me a call at Polar 705-472-1621 to set up your grad photo session today.