Covid-19 update, November ’22

Dear Client, 

It all seems like more of the same and I know that for many Canadians, the last months have heightened feelings of concern and uncertainty around COVID-19. Right now, we are focused on being part of the solution while continuing to server our clients.

We are able to book photo session both in studio or on location for groups or solo photos.

The online ordering is open and you can visit by appointment for a photo session. Shopping Polar Studio online is as easy as clicking to order for your portraits for deliver-to-home or pickup at the store on Lakeshore Drive.

We ask that you continue to practice safe social distancing while visiting the studio. And of course, if you are feeling unwell, please follow Public Health guidelines and take care of yourself. 

We are doing the best that we can to support you and your local community, while at the same time, doing our part to reduce the spread of COVID-19. With all of us working together, and supporting one another, we will get through this.  

Sincerely,  Brian Tremblay, Polar Studio

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