Winter Portraits

Many people discount winter as a time to do portraits outside but as a northerner I like to embrace our winter season rather than shy away from working outside. A family walk on a snow covered trail or even a snowball fight can be a great way to have a good time and capture some great family photos. There can be many challenges in working in the snow and getting a boot full of cold wet snow is just one way that it can get interesting. With such a simple background (mostly white snow) focus on using vibrant colors in clothing and props.  When shooting with lush foliage you don’t want your clothing to overwhelm the scenery or the portrait can be too busy.  Think just the opposite when photographing outside in the snow.  The white canvas can be a great backdrop for some beautiful winter coats, hats and boots.  Hats are a great way to frame faces and showcase eyes as well, especially of your children. Photographing snowmen, snow ball fights, children playing or sledding are great ways to capture memories during this time of year. But be prepared!  There’s nothing that will prematurely end a winter session faster than a cold child.  Parents please understand that when it’s -5 degrees outside, it’s unlikely that we can shoot a session without jackets.  Mittens and hats are always a plus! Give me a call if you would like to have an adventure outside, I promise your photos will be cherished memories.